Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has revolutionised the way people interact with one another and with institutions and legislatures. Worldwide ICT has become instrumental in furthering the state democracy by encouraging and facilitating the effective engagement of citizens, thus increasing their participation in the political debate and supporting the commitment of parliaments to greater openness, transparency and accountability.
The Assembly’s website aims to provide citizens of Tharaka Nithi County access to Members of the County Assembly and unlocks the doors to the inner workings of the Assembly’s legislation system and procedures. Therefore, I wish to extend a hearty welcome to the official website of the County Assembly of Tharaka Nithi and trust that your browsing experience will meet your information needs.

  • The Chief Executive Officer of the County Assembly
  • Responsible for the day-to-day management and functioning of the County Assembly.
  • Providing expert, non-partisan and impartial advice to the members of the county assembly on the legislative process, and parliamentary procedure and practice; and
  • Carrying out such other duties and exercising powers as the law may confer on him or her or by the Standing Orders and practices of the County Assembly.

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